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South Florida Beep Baseball


What is Beep Baseball? 


It is when you take America’s favorite past time sport and make it available to blind and visually impaired athletes. It combines a beeping ball, buzzing bases, six blindfolded players, and fully sighted pitcher and catcher, and spotters. As the crowd goes wild, players hit, field, and run bases. All the while relying completely on hearing, communication, and trust.  Beep Baseball requires grit, hustle, and hard work. Starting a new Beep Baseball team takes dedication and commitment.



Funding is needed to buy, and repair equipment, to pay for transportation and lodging for tournaments, and to buy uniforms and to pay registration fees.


Dedicated Volunteers


Volunteers are needed to donate their time and support
behind the scene, and on the scene.  The pitcher, catcher and field spotters are the main ones working with the team. So that together everyone achieves more. Other tasks include providing transportation to and from practices and games, marking, setting up and taking down the field for practices, charging Beep Baseballs, maintaining the equipment, attending team meetings, and fundraising.




The last and most necessary thing for a Beep Baseball team is to have at least six or more players who are blind or visually impaired, over the age of 18 and willing to play the game of Beep Baseball.


We need your help getting this Beep Baseball team rolling. Building a team takes talent and abilities that reach far across the entire spectrum. Beep Baseball also gives the blind and visually impaired community a chance to play a sport that would otherwise be impossible, boosting morale and also releasing the athlete within. Furthermore, it gives the sighted community an opportunity to become involved with the inner workings of Beep Baseball. All the while bridging the gap and spreading awareness between two communities, for the love of baseball.

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