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Meet Ricardo Stewart

September 6, 2018


My given name is Ricardo Leroy Stewart. I raced through life, rapidly learning all the best things possible. I remember when I was in high school, how school was so boring! made sure to read a science fiction novel each day. I was able to continue getting high marks and had no big worries, until I realized I had to keep bringing books closer to my eyes to read. All went dark soon. Four or five years later I learned about audio books and I was again a super reader! Then I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was diagnosed as almost blind!

I know from all my reading that bad things can happen to everyone, and me becoming blind was just my turn. Although I had a lot of my dreams vaporized, I was just phenomenally happy for being given a brand new path to go through life by! To be true, there are days I cry and ask why me? Why not the man who killed his family? How comes no pain falls on him for being evil and hurt many people? Happily, I was quite smart and read a lot, with the Bible being a book I like that has a few answers I was searching for…I first traveled to America on a trip to Disney world, where I realized colors were all dulled, but I considered all still beautiful. Several years later, I visited America on the way to

I would like to tell a story, not fiction or imagination though…This story is about the greatest mentor and friend I have ever known, Mr. Ansel Davis.This gentleman has made it his life's work to advocate for people with disabilities like his or similar to help all be able to find assistance when there is nowhere for them to turn. He even requested permission for our group off his blind students to learn about citizen policing. I went to these classes at the Lauderhill police department and graduated with a lot of pride and the new knowledge that I would have never got before. Now regarding me, Mister Ansel Davis has helped me with so many different things, like when he took me to the barber school and allowed me to get the best haircut ever for only seven dollars. This made me a very proud person!

In closing, I would like to thank you for all the help and wisdom you have given to me. It has meant a whole lot to me and you have helped me to not be so much sad anymore because I can easily call your phone and hear words of wisdom. If you are not available when I call then I simply go to your website, looking through my eyes!

In closing, I would like to thank you Mr. Davis for being my mentor and for helping me to learn how a man should live in America, the correct way!


This gentleman has made it his life's work to being the greatest micro advocate of people with disabilities, like his vision impairment or my multiple sclerosis. People with impurities could be able to find some assistance from Mr. Davis when there is nowhere for them to turn. If he cannot help, then he will guide ‘you on your way!



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